Types of match in cricket (Part 1)

Cricket is a favorited game for team sport. 

One of the reasons why cricket is well-known widely in the world is variety of cricket types. Depending on the character of game (international or domestic games), it has been identified and distinguished variously. Even, one cricketer plays better in one test match but he can’t do it well in ODI match.

This character makes more interesting of cricket for any spectator and player.

In this article, we collect major types of matches in cricket. Following our article if you are a fan of this game or want to discover more information about it.

1, Tests

In general, test match is the highest internationally form of First-class, so it brings the highest standards and requirements of cricket. In almost international cricket competitions, they will request tests match.

According to statistics in cricket, tests match always is on the benchmark of greatness and successes. 

About time of one test match, it can be timeless or prolong six-days for one match, including some rest days inside.

However, in modern test match, it only has about five days with minimum 90 bowling times per day. It has also included two innings and no restrictions about the time for a batting team. If bowling is run out of or the captain raise a declaration, the inning will be stopped immediately. The fact, it is the same requirements and rules as a first-class game.This type is usually applied for international cricket match so that they can show off all abilities as well strength to others. This is the reason why it is called as first-class form. However, to follow one test match legally, it requires good experience from referees because it has some complicated skills. So, it is almost managed and released by the ICC