Top greatest cricketers all time in the world

Cricket is not a strange sport with many people nowadays, especially the young. It’s a popular teamwork sport you should try when playing with a group or a team. The truth that, this sport is also interested to follow as a spectator. Through per cricket match, spectators feel exciting and hopeful when they need to wait interaction among players.

In this article, we continue to share top greatest cricketers during the time of cricket history. Whether your idol is on ranking or not. You can follow our data.

4/ Wasim Akram

Akram is regarded as one of the greatest cricketers with his special talent. During his career, he maintains many international records from top famous cricket tournaments. He is strongest in term of ODI wicket. He has ever reached 502 which is in high level of cricket.

He is also a fast bowler with talent of reverse swing bowling fast. He also is called with nickname as “double swing of Wasim Akram”. The truth that, he is ranked the second, after Sri Lankan in bowler.

In addition, he also get the record with 881 in List A cricket and 502 in ODI wicket.

5/ Shane Warne

In his generation, Shane Warne is one of the five cricketers in century. Besides it, he is a great spin bowler. He is uniquely selected as a talented bowler in the quintet.

He has started his career in the first test match since 1992, then finally he reaches 1000 wickets in including tests and one-day international tournament with series of international records.

6/ Brian Lara

He is regarded as a supreme batsmen in his period. He is a great left-handed cricketer. Thanks his talent, he is outstanding in many cricketing tournaments, so he has ever reached many records at the highest ranking which is over 501