Top great cricketers all time in the world

Cricket is a new sport for the young. It helps you to practice power, muscle and even mental. Because it is attractive new players, it’s difficult to determine who is the greatest in this sport.

After consideration, we share top great cricketers as recommendation about ranking. We base aspects about achievements and performance for a long time with number of prizes and medal. Following it if you are a fan of cricket and let you know more information about cricket.

1/ Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc is considered as one of the most feared cricketers in history.

He had the same time with famous name such as Dale Steyn, James Anderson or Stuart Broad.

His strength was knack of swinging ball at any speed and height he can. Almost his movement was correct and got score. He was a batsman for per cricket match. However, he faced with accidents seriously, he couldn’t continue to develop cricket for a profession more.

2/ Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah was a great cricketer in India. He was ever voted as the best bowler in the Indian national cricket team only after one year he joined it.

When referring to Bumrah, people have impression about his power with express fast. His performance made confusing and interesting to fans when it looked as weird actions but it brough winnings.

During his career, he had a good rise from experience of former such as taking the wicket of Virat Kohli or wearing the cap in the test scheme.

3/ Joe Root

Joe Root has ever highly appreciated about consistent performance in all cricket matches. He always keeps his confidence and patience in per match without any worrying about rivals.