Top benefits of playing cricket

Cricket is a great recommendation for teamwork. Besides benefits for fun and connection, cricket also brings a lot of benefits for health and mental. Therefore, it should be encouraged to play regularly.

If you are hesitating to play cricket, you can follow our article about top benefits of playing cricket. Make sure that you are exciting to start cricket.

1/ Burn a sum of calories

Cricket is a perfect workout for someone to lose weight or burn calories. Estimated that you can burn about 350 calories in one hour of playing. If you combine other exercise for body, you can burn more calories.

In cricket, you plus other parts in body for running, chasing and even facing with opponent to keep ball. So, it is a fast game which is good for strength, muscles. Although almost people choose cricket for new experience is not much. But during practice, cricket can bring expectation out of control.

2/ Strengthen muscles for the whole body

Cricket requires combination of almost muscle in the whole body, including hitting, throwing, running, pitching, as well chasing to catch ball correctly from one wicket to others. It means you have more time to practice for muscles well and regular.

The truth that per exercise of workout has unique benefits for each group of muscle. It’s better that you should focus on a weaker group to practice these muscle well.

For example, hitting and swinging the ball help your leg and upper parts of body can strengthen durably while throwing will be better for your chest and arm muscles.

3/ Improved flexible kills

After finishing cricket, you can develop motor skills fluently. As a good result, you will use it to play bowling or batting easier and successfully.

The truth that the flexible skills will already apply in process of cricket when you do something automatically.