The most popular cricket championships in the world (Part 3)

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A golden sphere, or cricket ball, is made up of three columns shaped like a tree and the bails represent, in fact, the main aspects of bowling, hitting and defending that make up the ICC World Cup. Current Cup. Awarded since 1999 and in subsequent editions in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015, the trophy has the names of previous winners on its hardwood base and is likely to be awarded in four decades. century.

Interestingly, what is presented to the champions in each edition is actually a copy of the original trophy. The original still belongs to ICC in its headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

Change color

The World Cup cricket began as a tournament of monochrome. White men used to mark the court when teams competed for glory. No more. The World Cup is now a colorful event, an occasion for fans since the 1992 edition of the tournament when national colors surpassed whites.

Contract format

The World Cup not only has the colors worn, it has also reduced the monotony of the long game. With matches reduced from a long 60 to 50 on each side and more exciting nighttime jobs put into the scheme of things, cricket has deciphered new means and ways to get the audience fascinated in the game.

In addition, even the T20 cricket becomes a reality and the shortest format of the game has its own World Cup tournament.

But it is not just the color and format of the game that has undergone changes. Even a range of cricket equipment has changed drastically since the first World Cup. It could be that the helmets have grown sturdier or the bats have evolved bigger and thicker and also the discolored balls, crickets are certainly not the same as before.