The ECB is interested in four-day tests but does Sportsmail cricket experts do? (Part 4)

It’s great if this move leads to a reduction in the number of cricket, but it has won that feat. All they will do is fill in the gaps with more crickets. And if the regulators donith do that, franchising will certainly.

Some fantastic testing ended on Thursday and the public is completely satisfied with the end on Monday. I attended a support function here in the South Africa on another night and ask people about this. They are all satisfied with the Test cricket.

A good test is like a good book. Let it grow and give it time. If it ends in four days, so be it. But you need the option of a fifth. This is not for me.


I can see the advantages of this but the players are slowing down the game so much that it rarely gets 90 points in a day. I assume for four-day matches, they will want to increase the over-allocation in a day to 100 and I can see that it’s possible. The players just want to play at pedestrian speed and the referees are reluctant to speed things up.

I would be a concept fan if people could play their game and get involved. To do that, we will not need tolerance for slow speeds and that means captains are suspended for the next game if they do not meet the required goals. Unless there are these types of punishments, they simply won the job.

If this is the case, Test cricket will be a faster game and the positive way in which modern cricket players mean that there will be every chance to get results within 400 matches. It will also free another day to ease the pressure of modern international schedules. But until the players and the admin’s mind changed, I resisted that.