The ECB is interested in four-day tests but does Sportsmail cricket experts do? (Part 3)

The great gift of Cricket is that it can accommodate a three-hour match, as well as a match that lasts from Thursday morning to Monday night, delivered to the two countries along the way.

Lop a day in an experiment and you strike at what makes it unique between formats – time. Checking crickets reveals characters like no other sport.

You messed up with that at times of danger.


I’m not an old fogger who always goes back to the past and I’m excited to move with the times – but I’m strong against four-day cricket.

We have the shorter format as it is. Why can you let a test grow over time, with twists and pivots, like what best to do? Why must everything be reduced to a minimum these days? I do not receive the urgency.

I don’t have the mind prepared with a four day end in mind and the first score is 300, like at Centurion, but you need an extra day to ensure you get a good end.

The danger with four-day tests is that we get grass surfaces that go too far in favor of chess players, like in the match against Lord last summer, because of the The natives will worry about boring draws or difficult endings if you get a day or longer of rain.

We are struggling to produce good spinners as it is. This will make it even worse.

There are many more important issues that the ICC should consider. I find it unbelievable in modern times, for example, that they can turn on headlights on the ground and still march because of the bad light.

As for viewing the ticket price and improving the experience of the audience on the ground, because it is often a better experience to watch on television.

Young people want good WiFi at bases and shelters when it rains. And the biggest problem of all the ICC needs to sort is the poor rate, because we’re struggling to get 90 in a day like today.

Instead, ICC should focus on improving the audience experience and ticket price.