The development of ICC Cricket World Cup over the years (Part 2)

Interestingly, the Prudential Cup was returned to the Indian team that won the World Cup cricket in 2008, to mark the jubilant silver celebration of the famous victory of what was then the losers.

Cup Reliance

The fourth edition of the World Cup held in 1987 is called the World Cup Reliance and Australia emerged at the beginning of their game to lay the hands of the Reliance Cup. Even if the tournament format remained unchanged with the top eight teams competing for the title in the cricket world, matches reduced the playing time, as the number of excesses was reduced from 60 to 50.

The 1987 tournament also made sense for the first time the World Cup ventured to lands outside of England. Organized by India and Pakistan, the 1987 edition was sponsored by Reliance and hence the trophy is called the Reliance Cup.

Benson & Hedges World Cup

The 1990 saw the World Cup cricket finally invade new lands and in the 1992 edition held in Australia and New Zealand, Pakistan was the new champion.

For the fifth edition of the tournament, nine teams opposed to the previous eight have competed for cricket. Sponsored by Benson and Hedges, the World Cup trophy is made entirely of crystals known as the Benson and Hedges Cup. It is also the only ever metal trophy, awarded in a tournament that saw a complete change from white clothes to colored clothes and played with a white ball.

The World Cup

Held in the subcontinent of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the 1996 tournament is called the World Cup Wills. With the 12 teams playing in the World Cup for the first time seeing the quarterfinals for the first time, the Cup was lifted by Sri Lanka as the island nation became the only nation to lift the cup.

ICC World Cup champion

As the World Cup almost advanced into the 21st century with its seventh edition, the world’s cricket authority decided to introduce a permanent trophy that would be unique to the tournament. After 1996, the World Cup ended its association with any sponsor. Consequently, the tournament and also the award trophy was known by the name of its management association, the International Cricket Council.