How popular is cricket in the world?

According to PledgeSports, cricket is the sport with the second largest number of players in the world with about 2 billion people, only behind football (4 billion people).

In cricket, there will be 2 teams participating in the competition, each team of 11 people. The two teams take turns taking the serve or hitting the ball (with sticks). The goal of the handball team is to break 3 of the goal team’s goalposts. Meanwhile, the batting team protects the goal with a stick.

The British Empire used to account for 23% of the land area worldwide, which has led to the development of the club with the ball and the ball in many places, especially in parts of the United Kingdom.

Today it is most played in the countries of Oceania, the West Indies (Caribbean and North Atlantic), South Africa and the British Isles. This subject has a large fan base because it is popular in populous countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, United Kingdom.

There are many sources that cricket dates back to the 16th century, but it was not until the early 1700s that the sport became popular with the complete rule system. Cricket also consisted of two teams of 11 players competing against each other, but this rule allowed the games to last until the winner was determined.

So many cricket matches take place until 5 days to end. This is one of the main features to distinguish this subject from baseball, besides the difference in the shape of the club and the players’ costumes. Most people who have never played these two subjects often mistake baseball with cricket. However, they are two different sports.

As cricket matches can last long, notable tournaments around the world only take place between national teams or territories, with the number of matches being limited each year. England and India are currently the top teams in the world, followed by Australia and South Africa.