Equipment in cricket

Cricket is an interesting team sport when it brings a lot of benefits for health, physicals as well soft skills in society relationships.

To start this game, you should prepare standard equipment. The fact, all equipment will comply the Laws of Cricket which is a standard set of rules for cricket, applied by any pro cricket matches in the world.

In this article, we share equipment list you should know in cricket.

1, Cricket ball

It is a cork ball and covered by leather or some tight material like this. 

It has weight from 155.9 to 163 grams and 2 major colors: red and white. If the red ball is used in test cricket or first-class match, white ball is used in one-day match. 

It looks hard, so you should be careful to avoid injuries from ball when impacting on it.

2, Cricket bat

This equipment is indispensable in cricket. It is a magic equipment to arrange ball correctly.

It is made in a flat wood. It is also connected to a conical handle.

The middle length of bat is less than 96.5 cm and width is less than 10.8 cm. Besides it, it has weight between 1.2 kg to 1.4 kg.

3, Uniform

Because cricket is a team sport, it requires players to wear uniform to distinguish members per team.

Depending on the weather, players will be allowed to wear a polo t-shirt or long-sleeved polo t-shirts. In addition, all players will wear white long trousers and baseball caps or hats.

They also can use spiked shoes. This equipment is important to decide comfort of player or not. When they put on a pairof comfortable shoes, they can run faster as well improve other traction.

Special gloves are also properly used to protecct hands by wicket keepers.