Cricket rules in ICC (Part 1)

Cricket is not a new team sport because it has origin from the early 16th century. However, it is always favorited and popular at many nations like India, Bangladesh…

Besides professional events about cricket like the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, One Day series or Test series, we usually see a group or several members play this game in their daily life as a great way to practice sports.

If you are interesting in playing a new game as cricket, don’t worry to start. This game has basic rules. Now, we refer major rules in cricket. Following to start it easily. We will base on ICC event to summarize major rules in cricket.

Firstly, target of cricket

In Cricket World Cup, there is fixed rule about certain timescale. Within this time, two teams will compete and score more and more runs. When the time is up, which team has more points, they are winners.

In the allotted time, one team has played as the batting team who are responsible for scoring runs. While the rest will follow to prevent hitting ball from the opposing team. When the batting team use out of their wickets or finishing the allotted time, two teams will change their roles each other.

Secondly, the number of players

In all cricket game, per team has 11 players and play other roles in the pitch.

As introduced, two teams will change roles each other.

In the defense team, all players will chase or take care some players in the opposing team. Depending on strategies of per team. However, their general missions are to prevent all ball hitting to the net. It’s better to create more situations on the pitch to neglect the opposing team for scoring runs.

While, players in the batting team are flexible at other roles like wicket keeper, batsmen, bowlers ỏ fielders. They will use special strategies to connect or support each other so that one player in their team can score runs successfully.