Cricket is not just a sport in India (Part 1)

In Australia and India, people easily sympathize with any country to bring a diplomatic message to them with a cricket match.

According to the founding chairman of the Australia-India Youth Dialogue, Shaun Star, it is often said that relations between the two countries are based on three things including Cricket, Commonwealth and Curry. Cricket is regarded as an interesting metaphor for the recent development of bilateral relations.

Sincere affection

After independence of India, the first test exchanges took place in 1947-1948. After that, the disparity in qualifications, arbitration, violence and even lack of tickets … prevented the two countries from using cricket as a tool to send diplomatic messages. Since 1990, when financial conditions and facilities have improved, friendly matches are held more often. Cricket Australia Academy awards full scholarships to young Indian talents.

While studying and working in India today as a lawyer, when introducing himself from Australia to strangers on the street, Shaun Star immediately heard them say the names of cricket players like Ricky Ponting, Michael Clarke, Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne. Although he sometimes disagrees, he and his friends in the curry always find understanding in the language of cricket positions and movements.

The apartheid attacks against Indian students in 2009 caused a “wound” and a sense of suspicion required the two sides to actively exploit cultural aspects in order to seek insights from citizen. In addition, India’s growing economic strength and globalization of cricket have changed the balance of cricket authority from Western countries to Asia-Africa led by India. The emerging role of the Indian Premier League attracts many Australian athletes.

The success in the Indian Premier League of famous players Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne and Brett Lee, etc. reinforces the view that this sport is an important emotional bridge between the people of the two countries, creating motivation. Cooperate at a higher level.

The catalyst for the present

When the two cricket players came out, they not only carried the mission of the players but also the cultural ambassador.