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Types of match in cricket (Part 1)

Cricket is a favorited game for team sport.  One of the reasons why cricket is well-known widely in the world is variety of cricket types. Depending on the character of game (international or domestic games), it has been identified and distinguished variously. Even, one cricketer plays better in one test match but he can’t do

Cricket rules in ICC (Part 1)

Cricket is not a new team sport because it has origin from the early 16th century. However, it is always favorited and popular at many nations like India, Bangladesh… Besides professional events about cricket like the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, One Day series or Test series, we usually see a group or several

Top benefits of playing cricket

In this article, we continue to share top benefits when playing cricket with your team. It’s interesting to practice something well for both health, mental as well society.  If you are confusing whether this game is good for you or not, you can follow our analysis. From the last sharing, we refer help of cricket

Top benefits of playing cricket

Cricket is a great recommendation for teamwork. Besides benefits for fun and connection, cricket also brings a lot of benefits for health and mental. Therefore, it should be encouraged to play regularly. If you are hesitating to play cricket, you can follow our article about top benefits of playing cricket. Make sure that you are

About basic rules of cricket

Cricket is a funny and social game which anyone from kids to students, the mature or the old can get together and play it. You are easy to learn and remember the rules of cricket. In addition, you are easy to see one cricket team in schools, stadiums or streets, especially in Australia. In this

Cricket is not just a sport in India (Part 1)

In Australia and India, people easily sympathize with any country to bring a diplomatic message to them with a cricket match. According to the founding chairman of the Australia-India Youth Dialogue, Shaun Star, it is often said that relations between the two countries are based on three things including Cricket, Commonwealth and Curry. Cricket is