Australia vs. India: Final of T20 international cricket

Australia 5-1 (Mooney o, Gardner 1) So Ash Gardner has achieved wrinkles at the beginning of the day again, as she has done a lot of recent time with recent low scores. Last time, Gardner enjoyed it, bashing 90 odd numbers compared to India, although they eventually tracked the total number of Australia.

And we go away with a wick! Healy got off to a good start by tugging Deepti Sharma, off the square of the wick for four, but when the line went outside wide Healy took a big cut and only had the advantage. Should it be smashed really, but maybe a little bouncing extra? This is how, how! It was the scream of Bhatia, who did it well after moving out of the tree. It Outki outski.

Australia wins the toss and bat

You do not listen to me, Australia!

Or perhaps arguing that defense is a recent weakness, Australians want to have the chance to try it again and do it better.


We had the first round. We had the second round. We missed England on the net run rate. British women have just finished destroying in a final match for them, and now Australia will host India in a three-match final.

The Indians have been a bit around in this series. They created two big scores (150 and 177) to win the games while chasing, but struggled to top six runs when hitting the first hit. If you won, throw them in. But their interesting top order can knock down any target if they start. Verma, Mandhana, Coleues, three young gunmen, with the tough Harmanpreet coming behind them. Not to mention Deepti Sharma down the order.

Sometimes, Australia also seems a bit uncomfortable, hitting the ball well but not keeping the score too low in this area, at least until they force England in their group’s final match to qualify. But their overall quality will say more often than not. They just need to tweak it a bit more to do it first.