About basic rules of cricket

Cricket is a funny and social game which anyone from kids to students, the mature or the old can get together and play it. You are easy to learn and remember the rules of cricket. In addition, you are easy to see one cricket team in schools, stadiums or streets, especially in Australia.

In this article, we discuss basic rules of cricket. Following it then collecting one team to join cricket now. You will have a break time with full of fun and relaxing.

Cricket is a team sport. It means that there are two teams to play it. One team has from 8 to 11 players, depending scale of competitions and age of players.

In one inning, each team has the right to play batting or fielding in turns. Once this team finishes, they will transfer the right for another. They will move or bowl the ball to batsman so that they can hit the ball to bat correctly.

One team having a bowler should be called as the fielding team. They use techniques to get batsmen out the ball, maybe by hitting the wickets to ball or hitting leg of batsman in front of the wicket. Even some players try to catch a random batsman’s shot fully. Some ways so that they can run to the end of pitch correctly without making mistakes or breaking the rules.

To determine who is winner, batsmen tries to make the most scores. However players always keep in mind that they are hitting ball and running among wickets so that they can go fastest before the fielders- their opponents will hit and attack the wickets with ball to prevent one score.

There are some ways to calculate run. Including in, full length of the pitch means 1 run, hitting a ball to boundary but along the ground means 4 runs whereas hitting a ball over boundary means 6 runs.

Which team having the most runs, they are winners.